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Cleanest auto repair place I have ever visited. The owners take great care and pride in their business and their clients. It is wonderful to find a place I can bring my car to that I trust.



Customer since 2015
I had my car towed to ABS after it broke down on the highway. They gave me a call the next day to let me know that my timing belt had broken and basically destroyed my engine. It was not worth fixing the car as it was going to cost more to fix it than the car was worth, but they were very friendly and actually felt bad that I was in the situation. They let me leave my car for 5 days while I figured out what my next move was. Once I found a new car and was ready to get rid of my old car they were very accommodating and made it extremely painless to take care of the whole thing. Great people and great service.



Customer since 2010
My wife and Ihave been taking our cars to ABS ever since we moved to Virginia four years ago. They have been 100 percent helpful, competent and friendly. We trust them completely. Recommend them without hesitation.
6 days ago



Customer since 2013
Nice place to go to fix your car. Inexpensive also. Nice waiting room. Courtesy and professionalism. Recommend.
9 days ago



Customer since 2012
Great service as always!
6 months ago



Verified customer
Excellent service and friendly staff. They are very accommodating and have a personalized approach to each vehicle no matter how new or old. Cars always run better after having been in their shop.
19 days ago



Verified customer
Every time we bring a car to your shop we are like family. We have always been so pleased with your mechanics and their work. You have always taken wonderful care of all three of our cars. We will always refer you to our friends and family. Thanks for your excellent service!
a month ago



Customer since 2006
It is a great feeling to have a professional and reputable car repair business that is convenient and trustworthy. Having said that I have peace of mind that when I need car service that I can trust the expertise and and professionalism of ABS mechanics.
a month ago



Customer since 2007
ABS Unlimited is the place to get all your repairs done with confidence it will be done right! They are a great team ot technicians and make sure that customer satisfaction is #1.
2 months ago



Verified customer
As usual, an efficient, [ainless experience with high quality results
2 months ago



Verified customer
We're longtime customers. When we need help with our cars, we ONLY head to ABS Unlimited Auto Repair. We recently asked them to perform the 30 K service on our car. While many other repair shops hit up customers for unneeded fluids, etc., ABS told us it wasn't necessary at this time. They're honest and the quality of their work is superb. The experience is even better in their new location.
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Stefan S

Verified customer
I have only been a customer for one day, but from what I have seen from this shop, I will entrust all of my vehicles to their care. Yesterday, my daughter's car was experiencing problems. I called and did not have an appointment, I was told they were booked for the day but would try and squeeze me into their schedule between appointments. The car arrived just before they opened, the car needed a check of a door sensor, a check of the brakes and an oil change. They not only finished it in just over an hour, but also the charge was unbelievably inexpensive.This morning I took my vehicle in for a scheduled appointment, and though it was determined that the work needed was coverable under my dealership warranty, they took the time to determine the exact problem and what needed to be resolved. Though my dealership has proceeded to screw me, and determine the work is not covered under my warranty, I will be bringing the vehicle back to ABS Unlimited so they can do the job correctly ...
4 months ago


Brian K

Verified customer
Our daughter was visiting for the weekend when she told us her brakes were beginning to squeak. We brought her car to ABS on mid-day Friday and they told us the job would take a day as parts were needed, but we couldn't wait till Monday as she needed to get back to college. They promised to get the job done by Friday night and did it. I think they even scrambled the boss's car to go get the parts as the regular delivery would have taken longer....We've been using ABS for a few years now and they have always been straight about what needs to be done and what can wait. Prices are reasonable and the people are good.There is also a waaay cool old Jeep Willy's pick-up truck in the parking lot in great condition!
2 months ago


Travis M

Verified customer
Needing some brake work done on an old Ford Ranger, I was referred to this shop and will now go here for anything I need. I usually service my vehicle out of town, but it's a relief to know that's there's a good local shop with a commitment to quality work and customer service that I can rely on.
2 weeks ago



Customer since 2009
The visit concerned only oil change this time, but in the past I have used the same repair shop for other needs regarding our two cars. The service was friendly and quick as always, and I will continue to use this repair shops as main main supplier of car services.
The new place where the shop is located (next to Home Depot) is good and the facilities much improved from the old place.
2 months ago